History past and present


Defying convention is about more than standing out from the crowd. It’s about being creative, brave enough to go against the mainstream and doing things that others wouldn’t dream of doing. At Mazda we are very clear on one thing. If it’s not worth driving then it’s not worth building. 


It shapes our dreams and drives our work and it’s why we always seek different ways of doing things. We pride ourselves on being stylish, insightful and spirited in everything we do. Stylish with our new design theme KODO; the soul of motion. Insightful, like our rotary engines, our iconic Mazda MX-5, our convention defying gram strategy or our ground breaking SKYACTIV Technology. And spirited, because we believe that every car we make should be fun to drive. These three principles are at the heart of everything we do. They help us go further, think differently and, above all, defy convention.


Our history as an automotive manufacturer began back in 1931 and we haven’t looked back since. As we have progressed our Zoom-Zoom quest to defy convention has been continuous. From the development and production of the R360 in 1960 and the rotary engine through to the legendary Mazda MX-5 we have looked to think beyond the norm. That’s why we are now committed to making our cars the world’s most fuel-efficient. Our SKYACTIV engines and technologies provide our customers with extraordinary levels of performance and outstanding economy. At Mazda we will continue to defy convention in everything we do.

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