Mazda Stories

Our past, present and future.


To make better cars, we defy convention. From an engine inspired by cyclists to weighing every single piece of an entire car, we simply cannot help but do things differently. That’s what makes us who we are. And that’s what makes our cars unique to touch, feel, to look at and to drive.


Discover the stories of Mazda below.

See how we defy convention Discover the stories behind our cars

  • The Challengers

    Learn how the spirit of Hiroshima's people helps us create better cars.

  • The Craftsmen

    See how our engineers learn from sword makers to give every Mazda the finest build quality.

  • Karakuri

    See how wooden robots inspired the Mazda5’s intelligent seating system setting new standards in versatility.

  • The Touch of Mazda

    Learn how tradition inspired us to create a sliding door that makes access very easy.

  • Bicycle cars

    Find out how we learned from cyclists to create a technology that makes our cars re-start faster.

  • Right Weight

    See how we weighed every part of the Mazda2 to make it more agile and fun to drive.

  • The Fishing Trip

    Find out how we give every Mazda a sense of comfort for the passengers and control for the driver.

  • Horse and Rider

    See how the connection between a horse and his rider helped us give MX-5 drivers the perfect driving experience.