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With excellent whole life costs, strong residual values, great customer service - and of course an impressive range of award-winning vehicles - it makes real business sense to choose a Mazda as your next company car. Our latest generation of vehicles, engineered with SKYACTIV Technology, deliver the perfect combination of class-leading efficiency, excellent driving dynamics and high levels of standard equipment, delivering both company car drivers and fleet managers the best of both worlds.  

We believe choosing company vehicles shouldn’t be a difficult process, and should be as much about your heart as it is your head. That’s why, with our latest generation of vehicles, you not only get a stunning looking car that drives fantastically but it also ticks all the right boxes in regards to company car tax and vehicle specification.


Why not talk to one of our Mazda Dealers about what we can offer to upgrade your business.

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Price Range

16095 - € 28850

Fuel Consumption

5.2 l/100 km - 5.9 l/100 km

Co2 Emission

124 g/km - 138 g/km

Body Type

Fuel type

Mazda6 2015 Challenge pbc video

Mazda6 2015 Challenge pbc video

Recreating perfect lines

26 trained dancers looked to the Mazda6’s design for their choreography and they came together to recreate the flawless lines of KODO Design.


upquote The challenge before us was to express motion and the dynamic lines of the Mazda6 using only hands. downquote