MSD Connect

Always safely connected


The Mazda3 comes with an incredible connectivity system that keeps you in touch with the outside world safely, without distracting you from the road. The extensive range of online services provided via your smartphone includes internet radio stations from around the world, texts, Facebook and Twitter. These are a few system highlights.

Infotainment by Mazda



Even when you are alone in your car, your family, friends and work partners can come with you wherever you go. Your entire world is now within easy reach. 



Music, news, sports, podcasts or talk radio - it’s all here, and so easy to use. Simply follow the prompts on the display to access the desired entertainment program.



When you purchase a new Mazda with Satnav included you will receive your first 3-years of Map updates for free. Whether you’re taking a family vacation, travelling for work or going out for a quick cup of coffee, your car’s navigation system will ensure you arrive at your destination easily. 



Enjoy the highest level of comfort and convenience by fine-tuning the options and settings throughout your system to suit your individual preferences and needs.



For the best possible experience with your new connectivity system, take advantage of the provided applications that allow you to customize your settings and improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Customer Support

Click here to learn more about your connectivity system, whether your phone is compatible and find out how to update and set up your navigation device.

You can also visit the FAQ section on our MZD Connect support website to find answers and solutions to any system issues or contact us directly via mail.

Please ensure that your device is compatible with the functions of the Mazda3. Requires compatible Apple® or Android™ device. A-ha™ / Stitcher™ apps need to be downloaded to mobile device and app registration completed before connection. Data usage and costs will vary, please contact your network provider for more information. Data usage relies on a valid data signal being available. These functions may not operate in areas of low signal strength.