Take to the road with your Mazda Navigation System


Whatever Mazda you drive, you can leave your maps behind with our state-of-the-art, fully  integrated navigation systems featuring the latest map technologies. Complete with large touch-screen displays, our systems are intutive and easy to use and all systems are designed to offer the ultimate all-in-one multimedia setp up, letting the driver concentrate on the roads ahead.


Features to look out for 


Map updates - Map updates can be bought from your manufacturer, either as an online download or an SD card. These will bring you to speed with new routes and destinations.


Additional Maps - Your manufacturer may have extra maps available for sale. Sorted by country or continent. These are brilliant for driving trips abroad.


Software Updates - These free operational updates keep your machine working nicely, and also update satellite positions.


What will happen if I don't update my Sat Nav?


If you forget to update your Sat Nav, it may prompt you to hunt down new maps, but this is a reminder more than anything else. You'll still be able to use it, it just means there's a slight chance you might end up somewhere you didn't plan to!

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