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Genuine Bulbs

Keep your lights shining bright with a stylish and innovative range of bulbs.

Genuine Bulbs are specifically made for Mazda by Osram. With a range spanning multiple colours, shapes and styles, you can select the perfect bulb to match your model and driving style.


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Find the perfect bulb for your Mazda

Day light regulations

With many countries requiring the use of lights at all times, it is now more important to equip your Mazda with day time running bulbs that work equally well during day and night.

A new generation of Genuine bulbs makes your driving experience safer and complies to all European standards.

European countries have differing laws on the use of dim lights during the day:

  • Mandatory at all times: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal (on IP 5), Sweden, Slovenia, and Slovakia
  • Required on motorways and outside cities: In Italy, Romania, Russia and Hungary
  • Required during winter: Croatia and Bulgaria
  • Recommended, but not mandatory: Switzerland, Spain, UK, Germany and France

Please note: laws can change quickly. Check the current regulation in the country before you visit.


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Genuine bulb kits

We recommend having a bulb kit in your car so you can replace faulty bulbs quickly and easily yourself. The small, convenient box kit has every bulb you'll ever need along with instructions on which bulbs go in which lights. We recommend using a tissue when inserting a bulb; touching it with your fingers reduces the bulb's lifetime.

Equip your car with replacement bulbs during your next visit to a Mazda Dealer or approved Repairer.