MX-5 hardtop

Enjoy yourself in this safe car with great car safety features


With this safe car you’re free to enjoy your drive knowing we’ve taken care of your car safety. Our active car safety features work to prevent collisions occurring – and this car’s outstanding road handling also helps you stay out of trouble.


And if any collision does occur we’ve built in passive car safety features to protect you. These include dual front airbags and side airbags as standard. And the car’s reinforced steel body shell includes our MAIDAS technology that protects the critical interior space of this safe car.

181 g/km ¹

C02 emissions

7.8 (l/100 km) ²

Combined Fuel Consumption

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aluminium silver mazda mx-5

Steering and stability assistance from another of our car safety features.

Dynamic Stability Control & Traction Control System

Active car safety to keep you in control


Our Dynamic Stability Control system keeps your car more stable when you’re cornering or have to swerve around an object or person. When required the system reduces your engine power and regulates braking pressure on individual wheels. So this car safety feature helps you stay in control when you may naturally oversteer or understeer.

And our Traction Control System stops your wheels from spinning on slippery or challenging surfaces such as loose stones, by regulating the torque of your engine.

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body shell

The protective body shell with MAIDAS technology and multiple airbags provides advanced passenger safety.


A passive car safety feature giving you extra protection


This is the Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System (or MAIDAS, for short). It’s part of the body shell and has shock absorbing crumple zones that spread the impact of a collision. In this way MAIDAS protects the critical interior space of your car – and it’s a car safety feature with an excellent collision performance.

We’ve engineered the Mazda MX-5’s body shell from ultra-high tensile steel, which is light as well as strong. So this car safety feature increases your safety without reducing your car’s agile driving performance.

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Model shown may not be to Ireland specification. Colours and some exterior and/or interior elements may differ on screen from the actual model. ¹ MX-5 2.0i Petrol ² MX-5 2.0i Petrol. *Price does not include metallic / mica paint, prices exclude delivery & dealer related charges