KODO Design

“Conventional car designers look to the worlds of fashion and style.


The pure joy of driving


Elegant and spirited, our KODO - Soul of Motion design is a true reflection of Jinba ittai; the unity of horse and rider. Fascinated by elegance and fixated on creating an unbreakable bond between driver and car, our designers have worked endlessly to create a design philosophy that embodies the dynamic beauty of life. This can be felt both inside and out, transferring the energy of movement to those who see it and creating an irresistible urge to drive.

SOUL RED CRYSTAL The art of colour

We believe colour is one of the key elements of form, and our latest Soul Red Crystal has been created to enhance the beauty of our cars. We view cars as art and want to move our customers before they even start their engines. This ambition inspired us to create a paint with exceptional depth and reflective beauty that is magnified by the interplay between light and form. It was a challenging process that led us to reinvent the way we had to paint our cars.

Gallery A unique blend of beauty and technique


Master painters work relentlessly to pursue colour perfection, stretching the possibility of the paint, achieving that distinct depth and lustre unique to Mazda.

The spray gun is the master painter’s tool.

Soul Red is Mazda’s iconic body colour.



Mazda's outstanding paint quality makes KODO design come alive and amplifies the beauty of every line. Committed to innovating paint technology, Mazda has developed the unique, environmentally friendly Solvent Borne Three Layer Wet Paint System and the Aqua-tech Paint System. Mazda-exclusive approach to advanced paint technology - TAKUMINURI, balances depth and glossiness of Mazda's iconic body colors.





With a deep understanding of physical behaviours, our approach to interior design has one main focus: connecting the driver with their car. Our development process is a collaborative effort involving engineers and designers from several different departments to create the optimum driving position. This human-centric design approach delivers maximum control, complete safety and the ultimate driving pleasure. By creating the vehicle around the driver and engineering all technologies with the driver in mind we achieve the perfect harmony between car and driver: Jinba Ittai.




Everything we do at Mazda is daring, ingenious and fun. As a result of this, we have achieved many accolades and received over 350 awards for design and all-round innovation. From Red Dot Design to What Car? Car of the Year, our achievements acknowledge and prove that our design philosophy succeeds in offering an unbeatable combination of aesthetic beauty, efficiency and driving performance.

Art in Motion

As great believers in the Japenese principle of less is more the goal for the all-new CX-5 was to produce a simple, yet elegant form. Highlighting our most sophisticated design yet the refined muscular body of the car takes hold in one pure motion from the front through to the rear giving the lasting impression of speed. The result is a car that combines the function and toughness of an SUV with what we believe is a living piece of art.


upquote Clay modeling enables us to intuitively create a form that appeals to people’s hearts downquote

Norio Terauchi


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Car and driver in perfect harmony

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Car and driver in perfect harmony

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