The Early Years 1931 - 1945


Three wheels and the rebuilding of a city.

Mazda’s first car was the three-wheeled “Go” and was exported to India and China where it was very popular thanks to its manoeuvrability.

1931 ging der erste dreirädrige Lastwagen, der Mazda Go, in Produktion.

This was but one example of Mazda’s unconventional thinking and “can-do” attitude, that comes as a result of the “Hiroshima Spirit” of overcoming challenges.

Yet the most dramatic demonstration of Mazda’s unique spirit came in 1945. Directly after the atomic bomb was dropped, Mazda played an integral part in the reconstruction of Hiroshima – the Mazda plant was relatively undamaged in the blast and was used as a place from which to organise the reconstruction and relief effort.