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Making its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, the KAI CONCEPT is Mazda’s latest concept for the compact hatchback, fusing all our next-generation thinking about Design and Technology into a car that’s perfectly bred for city life. The Jinba Ittai bond between driver and car becomes closer than ever before, the KAI CONCEPT feels intuitive to drive like an extension of your body.  


Meaning ‘pioneer’ and ‘forward thinking’, the KAI CONCEPT celebrates driving with a major leap forward in refinement and dynamic performance, featuring our next-generation and the world’s first petrol engine to use compression ignition – SKYACTIV-X – as well as SKYACTIV-Vehicle Architecture. Enticing and eye-catching human-centred and all about pure driving pleasure, the KAI CONCEPT showcases what’s to come in Mazda’s new generation of cars that lead the pack.

The first commercially available engine, as of 24/10/2017 (Mazda research)

Model shown is a concept car and not available to purchase