MZD Connect

“Connection is everything. We connect you to the road, to your environment and to the world around you.”

Takao Kijima

Former Program Manager MX-5 Mazda Japan


A feeling of oneness


Keeping you in tune with the demands of the modern world and safely connected to the road at the same time, MZD connect offers the driver absolute control. Perform the task at hand without being distracted and adjust the car’s communication and navigation settings while focussing on the pure pleasure and enjoyment of the drive. It’s the perfect expression of Jinba Ittai.


We have centred the driver’s side entirely around you, making sure that all controls are perfectly situated. With all the information you need at a glance, we’ve created a safe, enjoyable, stress-free driving experience. That’s not to say we’ve forgotten about the needs of the passenger. Their side provides a feeling of freedom and security in an open, spacious and relaxed atmosphere.


Navigation, communication and entertainment information appears on the new 7-inch display, which is controlled either by touch screen, voice command or the multimedia commander. It’s located on the dashboard above the centre stack (rather than within it), and has a viewing angle of 16°. This makes it less distracting and easier to see and use – connecting you and your passenger to the road, your environment and the world around you.


With MZD connect you can easily and safely make and receive phone calls via the integrated Bluetooth® functionality. Receive texts and reply with programmable predefined responses. Positioned at the driver's eye level, MZD Connect also lets you access an array of information via a connected smartphone including audio books, live traffic reports and email accounts. The aha™ app lets you use social media channels including Facebook and Twitter. You can also stream music through your compatible smartphone and even listen to online radio stations. 

Being connected means being flexible enough to adapt to any given situation. Mazda’s new connectivity system MZD-Connect works much like your smartphone – it can be updated to make way for new features and functions as they become available. This means that your car’s system is never dated and always in tune with you and the road.



Designed to be accessed comfortably and conveniently with minimal distraction while driving, the new multimedia commander is conveniently placed between the driver and the front passenger seat. The multimedia commander improves the operation of the infotainment features by enabling you to alter vehicle settings and safely browse information through MZD Connect whilst driving. Positioned so that the driver can grip the dial in a natural, effortless motion; its intelligent voice commands also mean that switching radio stations, zooming in on the map or searching phone contacts is now easier and safer than ever.


MZD Connect’s applications allow you to monitor fuel economy, show the status of your vehicle’s i-STOP and provide information on next maintenance due dates as well as vehicle warnings.

MZD-Connect also features a navigation system including access to the first 3-years of free map updates. The navigation system will be updated every 6 months when a new version is available, allowing you to choose between 2D and 3D map view and giving you a variety of route options – fastest, shortest, most economical and easiest. It also lets you search for points of interest while on your journey. 

*Functional and regional restrictions may apply

**Navigation is an optional extra




Mazda’s new Active Driving Display helps you take your mind off distractions by projecting critical driving information directly in front of you, right within your line of sight. It shows you real-time information such as vehicle speed, cruise control, turn-by-turn navigation directions and the status of active safety systems, including warnings. Important information is projected in full-color onto a clear, high resolution panel mounted on the dashboard directly in the driver’s viewpoint, to minimise eye movement and distraction so you can enjoy the drive ahead without shifting your attention away from the road.


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Car and driver in perfect harmony

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Car and driver in perfect harmony

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