Mazda2 achieves remarkable 82mpg in Recent Irish Economy Run

October 31, 2008

A team of drivers in the Mazda/Topaz Drive Safe, Drive Smart campaign have achieved an amazing 3.4l/100kms (82 miles per gallon) in a road test aimed at highlighting the benefits of driving safely and more fuel efficiently.

The team of Johnny Horan and Alastair Lindsey achieved the hugely impressive figures in a 1.3l petrol Mazda2 on a 106.2 Kilometre route between Kill in Co Kildare and Templeogue in Dublin. The route was designed to reflect real world driving conditions with a mixture motorway, urban and rural roads.

The Mazda/Topaz Drive Safe, Drive Smart initiative is aimed at encouraging drivers to drive safely at moderate speeds and to adopt smarter driving techniques which make a dramatic impact on a vehicle's fuel economy.

Seven teams competed against the eventual winners of Johnny and Alastair. The successful pair deployed 'Smart Driving' Techniques such as changing up early through the gears, keeping a smooth style of driving of easing into acceleration and looking ahead to avoid any sudden breaking.

Achieving the phenomenal 82 mpg, a delighted Johnny Horan explained: "Thanks to the lightweight strategy used during this car's development, the Mazda2 is designed to deliver excellent fuel economy and reduced C02 emissions. We simply adopted the practical smart driving techniques to exploit the Mazda2's attributes as highly fuel efficient car. All motorists can lower their fuel bills and drive safer by adopting these common sense techniques."

"The Drive Safe, Drive Smart initiative demonstrates running costs for the Mazda2 drivers are kept to a minimum", enthuses David McGonigle, MD Mazda Motor Ireland. "The excellent fuel economy and yearly road tax of €150 is a reflection of a new focus at Mazda on offering cars that have less impact on the environment."

Top 'Smart' Tips for Increasing Fuel Economy

• Change up early through the gears. Shift up between 1.700 and 2.000 revolutions (depending on vehicle)
• Ensure you adopt a smooth style of driving - ease into acceleration
• Avoid tailgating. Keep your distance between vehicles to ensure you brake smoothly
• Reduce your speed, driving at 110 KPH uses 15% more fuel than at 80 KPH
• Use Cruise Control for Motorway driving to maintain a constant speed, as it can prove 7% average fuel savings
• If you have stopped for more than 40 seconds (e.g. level crossing), save fuel by switching off the engine
• Use the Air Conditioning sparingly as it can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 20%
• Check tire pressure regularly
• Ensure your vehicle is serviced regularly

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